Gold Care

    Gold careTypical investments for these services will range from $595 to $795 per month.

    You get all the bronze and silver care services plus ...



… improving the value of your business!

This is where we are involved in assisting you with the development of your strategic plan*.  Our specific focus is on helping you discover the unexploited potential that lies within your business.  Our aim is to help you make your business even more profitable and therefore more valuable.  This will involve us in many non-accounting aspects of your business development including team training, market positioning and helping you develop customer service strategies.  We have invested in special training and consulting tools as well as systems and processes that have been specifically designed to build your business.


*Your investment in our Gold Service includes a full day strategic planning session, the first step in our comprehensive business development process.  Any further work following from that day will be agreed upon with you and priced up front under a separate Fixed Price Agreement.



… helping you retire gracefully!

We will help you plan for your retirement and handover of the business.  This may involve training team members in new skills and developing systems and set procedures. Various options for the sale of the business can be explored including financing current employees in the purchase of the business



… helping you manage your investments!

We work with several financial planners that can help structure your total investment portfolio according to your risk preferences and needs.  They can place investments for you and report quarterly or half-yearly on your portfolio performance.  They will also manage all the necessary administration associated with your investments and provide us with the data to prepare the necessary returns.


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