Silver Care

    Silver careTypical investments in these services range from $375 to $495 per month.

    You get all the bronze care services plus ....



… using technology for greater efficiency!

Developments in technology are moving so fast that you need a special computer development plan for your business.  We can help you do this.  All our accountants are specialist Peachtree and Quickbooks users.  We will design and install the right system and train your operators to get the best out of your investment.



… getting you in control of your business!

This is where we help you prepare budgets for cash flow and profit planning purposes.  We show you how to use these to get better control over your business by using these vitally important management control tools.



… action on strategies to improve profit and cash flow!

This is where we go beyond the budgeting process and proactively help you interpret your period reports - these reports will include detailed Key Performance Indicators that apply to all of the critical areas of your business.  We work with you on these monthly and totally review your your operating plan every quarter.  Examples are: number of customers, average sales/size visitation frequency, conversion of phone inquires to quotes to jobs, margins on product lines and services, hourly rates achieved, crop yields, breed development etc.



making money work for you!

We will help you get the right finance at the right rates.  This includes leases, bank loans and overdrafts, equity raising and venture capital.  Be it a car or truck loan or the service level of a Private Bank, our extensive contacts can put you in the right place.


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